The HJ960’s combination of addressing speed, print quality and superior features quickly enhances mailroom productivity while generating valuable cost savings. By utilizing six (configured in two banks of three) easily adjusted fixed print heads the HJ960 can print up to 26,000 No. 10 envelopes per hour. Its versatile 3” x 20” print area allows single pass printing of addresses, return addresses, logos, indicia, USPS® barcodes (including Intelligent Mail® barcodes) and personalized messages. And the HJ960 can process a variety of materials up to 3/8” thick.

*Prints up to 26,000 No. 10 printed envelopes per

* Processes various materials (envelopes,

 postcards, catalogs, etc.) up to 3/8" thick

 Eliminates cumbersome and time consuming

 manual addressing tasks
* Reduces undeliverable and duplicate addresses
* Maximizes USPS discounts
* Uses HP Inkjet Technology