Who We Are

We deliver commercial and corporate mailing solutions you can count on. Through internal growth and external acquisitions, International Mailing Equipment has a history that dates back over 30 years in Northern California. International Mailing Equipment supports many of the highest volume and highest profile mailing accounts in the Northern California area along with thousands of mid volume and even home based sized companies. Our success is built on leading-edge technology and an uncompromising commitment to customer service. Today, over 15,000 postage meter users rely on International Mailing Equipment as their partner in mailing automation. As an authorized dealer for over a dozen of the world's leading manufacturers, International Mailing Equipment provides the ultimate selection in mail center automation with more quality affordable product options than any other company.

With International Mailing Equipment on your side you can:

International Mailing Equipment can help you increase revenue, lower costs and raise efficiencies by:

Capturing the maximum discounted postage rates.

Expediting mail service for improved cash flow and reduced daily sales outstanding.

Automating slow and expensive manual processes

Increasing address accuracy and response rates.

Reducing often overlooked materials and consumable costs.

Managing, tracking and controlling all your carriers and related expenses
Designing workspaces that optimize productivity.

For “Letter Perfect” mailing solutions, trust International Mailing Equipment. The professionals at International Mailing Equipment are waiting to serve you with the advanced technology and customer attention we're famous for. Call us today, and let us show you how we can help you increase efficiency, lower costs, and make your operation “letter perfect.”

* Control postage costs and speed mail delivery
* Eliminate costly manual labor and boost security
* Maximize postage savings and mailing accuracy
* Ship, receive and track with total precision
* Optimize work flow for ultimate productivity

Solutions that are right on the money.

Every solution starts with you.

The answers we provide are never one-size fits all. First, we consult with your staff and analyze your mail and document flow, always with an eye to maximizing savings and efficiencies. Then we provide you with a detailed recommendation that includes technology benefits, expectations, specifications, installation support, customer service and financial information. Finally, we use our access to the world's most advanced mailing technologies to match your company with the best solutions possible.

All applications are customized to your exact requirements before the system is delivered. From installation to operator training, preventative maintenance, and emergency back up, International Mailing Equipment is a partner you can count on. We take pride in offering the very best consultation and service support. We listen to you, and recommend solutions that meet your needs.