* Increases productivity with high-capacity feeding
* Folds and inserts a wide variety of document

* Offers an easy-to-use, full-color, graphical user

* Saves resolution time with remote assistance
* Saves energy with automatic stand-by mode

DS-75 Folder Inserter

Advanced Combination of Productivity, Versatility and Convenience

The DS-75 increases productivity with high-capacity feeding, folds and inserts a wide variety of documents and offers a full-color, graphical user interface.

Discover a Folder Inserter with Enhanced Features

The DS-75 Folder Inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for almost every office or mail center environment thanks to its unique low-level noise and compact footprint. It draws its strengths from the successes of its predecessor, the DS-70, and offers several enhancements which provide additional value.

With its large loading and unloading capabilities and many enhanced features, usually available only on larger systems, the DS-75 envelope stuffer can process a wide variety of mail pieces for direct marketing efforts, invoicing, monthly statements and virtually any other application your company generates.