* Easy-to-use postage meter for small business
* Process up to 20 envelopes or labels per minute
* Prints logos, eight standard ad dies or two custom

  messages next to the postage indicium
* Replenishes postage through NeoFunds®
* Offers PIN-protected access


Perfect for your small business, nothing delivers like the Neopost IS-280 iMeter postage meter. Simply insert your envelope and you will be printing in seconds.

The Postage Meter Machine that Makes Your Life Easier

Business people are always looking for ways to make life a little easier in today’s busy world. Smartphones, tablets and apps – everyone loves technology that helps them work smarter. When it comes to smart mailing technology, the Neopost IS-280 iMeter™ mail meter machine has no rival.


Neopost’s 280 iMeter™ postage meter machine makes mail processing easy. Perfect for small business offices or home offices, the 280 iMeter’s full line of standard features and innovative apps streamline mail handling by combining efficiency with cost savings.

IS-280 iMeter™ Postage Meter

The Simple Choice for Small Office and Home Office Mailing