The M8500 Folder Inserter is a powerful machine that can adapt to your growing business needs. With its modular design, your investment is protected, and you can rest assured knowing that your M8500 can support all types of mail folding applications.

* flexFeed® technology - load any size document in each

  of the 6 feeders
* With powerFold®, you can crisply and silently fold up to

  10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold
* Linked feeding allows for continuous feeding of up to

  2,900 sheets
* Avoid stoppages and maximize efficiency with the

* 5.7” super bright Reversible full-color touch screen for

  easy job set-up using a wizard approach

Add optional 1D, 2D Barcode and/or Optical Market Reading Solution with a special reading scanner to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents.

Standard High Capacity Vertical Stacker to increase your productivity by holding up to 500 finished envelopes
Standard carrier envelope hopper holds 500 envelopes
Optional High Capacity Document Feeder holds 725 sheets.